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Tales: Volume 1

This book tells the story of one man’s career path in the hotel and cruise lines industry as he shares all his experiences from the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Tales: Volume 2

Through my professional life, I encountered many situations that prompted storytelling. Encouragement to write these stories in the form of a book was a task I did not thrust upon myself for reasons that English is my second language, and I had never learned it in a structured schooling environment.

Life has its own agenda, and with the adversity of the COVID-19 lockdown, I took this idle time to give writing a try. This book is a product of encouragement by my business patrons who had listened to my stories, generated through a dialogue and solicited by curiosity.

The stories are based in part on real-life occurrences and laced with fiction. This method does increase the reading and entertainment value and protect those who had been involved in my life from slander or defamation.

It was never my intention to cause harm to or hurt anyone personally or a company. It is my hope to open minds and lock up social mentalities held hostage by beliefs or strict upbringing, but do not endeavor to alter basic human values that benefit the peaceful coexistence of the human race, regardless of geographic locations.

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